DuraTop® – special reformed packings

DuraTop® special reformed packings are used among other things for covering catalyst beds. DuraTop® special reformed packings can be added onto the top ball layer or even replace the top ball layer. As the top layers on the catalyst beds DuraTop®special reformed packings offer the following advantages:

  • low pressure drop because of large free-gap volume
  • good pre-distribution of the liquid and gaseous media, even before they reach the catalyst bed, due to open internal structure of the DuraTop® special reformed packing
  • the large specific surface increases the retention of any particulate impurities of the media before they reach the catalyst bed.

Physical parameters: DuraTop®

Description Nominal size Spec. weight* [kg/m³] Spec. surface [m²/m³] Free volume [%]
1/2" ca. 1000 640 ca. 55
3/4" ca. 850 400 ca. 65
1" ca. 850 300 ca. 65

Subject to technical modifications. All details serve for preliminary information purposes only. Claims cannot be derived therefrom. Specification sheets are available on request.
*The usual, permitted tolerances for ceramic products apply.

Your VFF product specialist will be pleased to advise you of the benefits of DuraTop® in your system.