Gas distributors

VFF also supplies numerous column internals as well as a complete range of tower packings which are designed, engineered and produced specifically for each customer by VFF. The VFF team provides full consultation in this area and has the corresponding experience and most up-to-date equipment to be able to offer tailor-made ideal solutions.

VFF can draw on a number of different technical designs in the field of gas distributors. A gas distributor is useful amongst other things in the case of high kinetic energy in the gas intake, small distances between the intake and bed and for applications with a very low pressure drop of the tower packings bed.

Detailed information: Gas distributor

Description Type Comment
Gas Sparger
G-49-M, P

Tube with holes or slits, etc.; tube ends in the middle of the column, gas emerges downwards; simple and very inexpensive; generates minimum gas-side pressure drop; in case of large column diameter: H-type-construction also available

Description Type Comment
Gas distributor plate
G-30-M, P

Plate with covers on chimneys, liquid drawn off by draw -off sump; generates gas-and pressure drop; custom version can also be used as support plate