VFF tower packing software version 14.1

Calculation of column hydraulics, HTU- and NTU-values, absorption and desorption

The new version 14.1 of the packing software with advanced user interface and self-explanatory menus replaces our existing software for the hydraulics, HTU and NTU, absorption and desorption modules. The menus are designed to offer the user information quickly and conveniently about whether and how to solve a separation task using tower packings.

All program windows are self-explanatory. In addition, the windows offer comprehensive help functions providing further details or background information.

Version 14.1 requires an IBM-compatible PC with Windows 98 or higher, Word 97 or higher, a CD-ROM drive, 20 MB of free hard disk space, and RAM according to the minimum requirements of the operating system. Installation is very simple.

Complete Version

other gas/ liquid sys.
NTU og
HTU, ßL, ßg

The software requests the input data required for the calculation. Two different options are available:

- Minimum input involving the selection of the required modules, which are pre-programmed with temperature-dependent material and system data;


- more sophisticated and comprehensive "free" data input, which in principle enables the calculation of any material system, provided the associated data is available or can be estimated with sufficient accuracy.

The values for the gas or liquid flow can be entered as molar, mass-specific or volume-related parameters. Furthermore, the software enables the selection of different units and user-friendly conversion between different units once the parameters have been entered. The user can select from a wide range of packing types, sizes and materials.
More than 100 different organic or inorganic chemical substances from the following substance classes are available for selection:
aldehydes, alcohols, amines, aromatic and aliphatic CHCs, BTX and PAHs, epoxies, esters, ethers, glycols, carboxylic acids, ketones, nitriles, nitro compounds, phenols, inorganic C, halogen, N, O, and S compounds such as CO2, Cl2, HCl, NH3, NO2, HCN, O2, O3, H2S, SO2, SO3. 

Relevant data may also be entered manually, so that in principle a simulation calculation can be carried out for any material.

The calculation result provides the basic design parameters for a column, i.e. the respective column diameter and the required packing height, including the hydraulic load, for the thermal separation task. All input and results data are summarised in a calculation printout.

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