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VFF has been a specialist in "Made in Germany" tower packings and column internals for decades

Vereinigte Füllkörper-Fabriken GmbH & Co. KG (VFF) is Europe's largest manufacturer of tower packings and inert balls. VFF supplies a full range of tower packings, inert balls, column internals, plastic packings and demisters (mist eliminators) - for all mass and heat transfer applications, in all relevant materials and sizes, anywhere in the world.

The program is complemented by an expert advice service from our technical applications department including configurations using our extremely comprehensive VFF tower packing software.

Company history and development

Polarexpress bei VFFFounded in 1967, VFF very quickly 
developed into the largest manufacturer 
of tower packings and inert balls in 
Europe due to permanent innovations 
and highest quality standards. In the 
meantime, VFF is a globally acting 
company with more than 30 agencies.


Skills and expertise

VFF products are subject to the most diverse conditions around the world in 
different industries, e.g. in the petrochemical and chemical industries, plant 
construction and environmental technology. Decades of co-operation with 
VFF customers and intensive involvement with the product has given VFF 
a wealth of expertise which forms the basis for the development of new 
VFF projects and optimisation of the existing range.



Active research and development of customer 
orders and the further-and new development 
of products and materials guarantees continuous 
expansion of the range and makes VFF an expert 
partner who knows the needs of its customers 
and understands how to implement them.

VFF has built a new laboratory and test facility and we also work in close cooperation with universities and institutes in order to continually optimise state-of-the-art processes and implement customer requirements.

With the design of the DURANIT® X500 inert balls and the VFF-Twin-Pak®, a metal high-performance random packing, VFF has set new standards and brilliantly implemented market demands.

"Made in Germany" quality

100 Prozent Made in GermanyVFF offers its customers optimum operating safety thanks 
to high-quality products!

As well as production-process monitoring by the 
company's internal quality management system, 
every step in the operation is independently 
observed and recorded by sophisticated electronic equipment. 
The processing of our own raw materials on ultramodern machinery 
also contributes to ensuring consistent product quality. 
All VFF products are made according to the strict German safety standards for employees and the environment and are subjected to regular tests in the context of DIN EN ISO 9001 certification. VFF undergoes internal and external inspections in order to ensure product quality and exceeds all legal requirements for employee-safety and environmental standards. 
In order to still be able to maintain the quality lead of the VFF products in future 
and to extend them even further, VFF continues to rely on 
“100% Made in Germany” for its products.

Flexibility and service

As Europe's largest producer of tower packings and inert balls VFF is in a position to respond rapidly to requests. This saves the customer long start up or storage times. Individual wishes (e.g. packaging) can be realised by VFF at any time. VFF delivers the products you order on time to the desired site. Plus our technical staff are always available to provide expert advice.




Directly from the manufacturer

VFF is a manufacturer, not a dealer. Therefore 
VFF is independent of suppliers and offers its 
customers a high degree of supply reliability. 
Delays in the process are thus avoided. 
VFF is the only packings manufacturer of its 
kind in the world that has its own raw 
material deposits with different qualities. This guarantees constant homogeneity of product characteristics even over several decades. Only absolute homogeneity gives the customer the service life expected from a high-quality product. VFF carries out intensive internal and external quality inspections over the entire production process from the production of the raw materials through to the dispatch of the goods.

Perspective on the future

Thanks to a forward-looking development program, VFF's product portfolio contains products which exceed current standards, performances and specifications many times over.
VFF is also working on products which in the future will significantly exceed the current state of the art and which will offer VFF customers more performance for less energy expenditure. One example is the VFF Twin-Pak® launched the first time at Achema 2009, a completely newly designed high-performance metal random packing with a similar profile to structured packings but which retains all the many benefits of a random packing. VFF is currently working on more innovative tower packings and on the refinement and development of new internals and demisters.

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