Plastic random packings

Thanks to its comprehensive supply program of random packing types and materials plus decades of experience in thermal mass-separation processes such as absorption, desorption, rectification etc. VFF can provide a tailored solution for practically all operating conditions and/or gas-liquid compositions.

On request our VFF product specialist can select the appropriate tower packing for your specific requirements in a suitable material and optimum size.

Our VFF team is also proud to present the new VFF NetBall® with its impressive form and performance.

In order to guarantee high quality, VFF places a lot of emphasis on the fact that its products are “100% Made in Germany”.

(PE, PP, PVDF and much more.)

(ECTFE, PVC, PFA on request)


Physical parameters: Plastic random packings


Description Nominal size Spec. weight*
Spec. surface
Free volume
VFF Pall Kunststoff 15 80 350 91
25 80 220 91
38 60 145 93
50 45 110 95
90 60 78 93
VFF VSP Kunststoff 25 60 185 93
50 45 100 95
90 30 78 97
VFF VSP Kunststoff 50 47 100 95
Novalox® saddles
VFF Novalox Sattelkörper 38 80 170 91
50 75 120 92
VFF NetBall Kunststoff


42 140 95
90 41 130 95
Igel Kunststoff 40 120 300 87

Subject to technical modifications. All details serve for preliminary information purposes only. Claims cannot be derived therefrom. Specification sheets are available on request.


VFF NetBall®

High-performance in ball form: for absorption and desorption.



The new NetBall® has been devised by VFF's research and development division and sets new standards in the field. Its favourable flow profile, combined with a high specific surface, offers top mass-transfer properties with an extremely high hydraulic load capacity and minimum pressure drop. As with all VFF plastic random packings the VFF NetBall® also has a specially abraded surface which results in extremely good wetting even on first use. Its specially designed net structure guarantees high mechanical stability and results in an optimum bed constitution.

The VFF NetBall® is easy to handle when emptying and filling the column. All of which saves time and money!

Upon request VFF NetBall® is suitable for drinking water according to KTW recommendations.

Pressure drop diagram


VFF NetBall®-90-P

Water / air: 1bar; 20°C
Dp/H: specific pressure drop
uL: irrigation density








VFF NetBall®-45-P

Water / air: 1bar; 20°C
Dp/H: specific pressure drop
uL: irrigation density






Physical properties

Description Nominal size Specific weight Specific surface area Free volume
  inches kg/m³ (PP) kg/m³ (PE/PVDF) m²/m³ %
VFF NetBall®-90-P 3 1/2 41 42/80 130 95
VFF NetBall®-45-P 2 42 43/82 140 95


Press report

VFF NetBall® celebrates its world premiere at Hannover trade fair

Siemens VFF NetBall

With the presentation of numerous innovative products and proceedings the Hannover trade fair lived up to its reputation as the world's most important event in the technology world.

The impressive 4,500 m² Siemens AG booth was a particular magnet for the public: Around three quarters of the approximately 220,000 trade fair visitors confirmed that Siemens was justified in its position as the key player in international competition. The strategic aim of the company, to supply innovative techniques and pioneering problem-solutions for the most diverse industries, was manifested in four towers which could be seen from far away, each of which was dedicated to one of Siemens extensive range of technology applications.

In the chemical industry tower, for instance, Siemens demonstrated the manufacture of biodiesel and fitted an imposing extraction column with the VFF NetBall®, a world innovation designed and produced by "Vereinigte Füllkörper-Fabriken GmbH & Co. KG" which was launched here for the first time to a wide audience.

The VFF NetBall®, which can be used for all thermal separation processes, has a particularly good flow profile combined with a high specific surface which guarantees optimum mass-exchange characteristics with an extremely high hydraulic-loading capacity and minimum pressure drop.

As with all VFF plastic tower packings, the VFF NetBall® also has a specially abraded surface which results in extremely good wetting even on first use. Its specially designed net structure also guarantees high mechanical stability and results in an optimum bed constitution. The ball shape of the VFF-NetBall® permits easy handling during column-filling and -emptying. All of which saves time and money!The VFF NetBall®

naturally complies with drinking water requirements according to the KTW recommendation.

The VFF NetBall® - a product which sets new standards.

Press release and image material approved by Siemens AG, Automation and Drives.

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