Liquid distributors/redistributors

VFF also supplies numerous column internals as well as a complete range of tower packings which are designed, engineered and produced specifically for each customer by VFF. The VFF team provides full consultation in this area and has the corresponding experience and most up-to-date equipment to be able to offer tailor-made ideal solutions.

Liquid distributors or redistributors should be selected according to the operating conditions and the type of packing used. VFF therefore offers a wide range of different designs and materials.

Ceramic (ACIDUR® special stoneware), metals (C-steel, stainless steels, alloys and much more.), plastics (PE,PP, PVC, C-PVC, PVDF, PTFE and much more.)


Product overview: Liquid distributors/redistributors


Weir riser-pan distributor
VFF Tüllenverteiler FL-03-K, M, P Inexpensive, suitable also for heavily contaminated liquids
Orifice-pan distributor
VFF Siebloch Tropfenverteiler FL-04-M, P Very inexpensive, suitable for moderately contaminated liquids, modified with built-in tubes
Orifice-pan distributor with gas flues (custom version)
VFF Siebloch Tropfenverteiler mit Gaskaminen



Suitability as FL-04, but greater gas capacity
Ring channel orifice-pan distributor with down pipes
VFF Rinkanal Tropfenverteiler FL-05-M, P Recommended for column operation above the loading point, also for moderately contaminated liquids
Weir trough-distributor
VFF Kastenrinnenverteiler mit Ueberlaufschlitzen FL-10-K, M, P Economical; multipart; suitable for clean and contaminated liquids
Trough-distributor with orifices and down pipes
Kastenrinnenverteiler mit Ablaufbohrungen und Ablaufrohren FL-20-M, P Recommended for column operation above the loading point, suitable for clean and moderately contaminated liquids and heavy load range
Orifice deck distributor
VFF Kaminbodenverteiler mit Ablaufbohrungen FL-30-M, P Multipart; suitable for clean and slightly contaminated liquids
Orifice deck redistributor with covers
vff Kaminboden- Rückverteiler mit Abdeckungen RV-30-M, P Suitable for clean and moderately contaminated liquids
Ladder pipe distributor with central header pipe
VFF Rohrverteiler FL-50-M, P Suitable for clean and contaminated liquids, pre-pressure required (
Redistributor rosette
VFF Rueckverteiler Rosette RV-03-M, P Wall scraper, for use in small cross sections, high beds and 1st and 2nd generation tower packings.
Custom designs



  Modification of the distributor for greater control range min./max. irrigation density, less contamination, various pre-distribution systems, implementation etc.

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